Beam v0.9 – What’s New

What’s New in Beam 0.9

Better Featured image positioning

Featured image now appears above Post Title.

Concatenation and Minification

JS is now Concatenated and minified into one file, beam-scripts.min.js. Find unminified version in /js.

Page Load Speed

As you can see in the featured image above, Beam is FAST. Default install loads in 0.7s! 99% Pagespeed score and 92% YSlow score.

Beam Addons

It’s a new WP Plugin created and working specifically with sites using Beam Theme. It will allow you to use additional features and functions that could not pass rules, or just, IMO, are not to be placed within a WP Theme. Current plugin features Beam Recent Post widget that allows you have a nice “recent post” widget with square, 80×80 pixel images beside the post title. Please regenerate your thumbnails after installing this plugin.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is updated to the latest version.


Integrated Kirki toolkit is updated to the latest version. Also, now you can install Kirki plugin and it’ll work out of the box too.

Plugin Recommendation

After installing Beam theme, it’ll now recommend plugins. As of v 0.9 those are BeamTheme Addons, Kirki and Regenerate Thumbnails.

Beam Theme Addons

BeamTheme Addons is a site specific plugin that adds features and functionality to sites using Beam WordPress Theme.

After installation, Beam Recent Posts Widget will show up in the Widgets panel. Drag it to Sidebar to activate it.

Once you do that, your BeamTheme Recent Post will show up like on the image below.

BeamTheme Addons requires Beam 0.9 and above.

Please use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin in case your images are not showing as square 80×80 pixels.

Thinking about the Next version

After roughly 7 months Beam has been accepted to official WordPress theme directory. Hooray!

Here are planned updates for the next version:

  • Move Featured image above Post title and
  • Add Featured image to Recent Posts Widget area (both of these you can see in the following image)


Some other updates I have in mind:

  • Concatenate and minify scripts for even faster loading time
  • Adding support for Custom Header images
  • Social Icons
  • More Widget Areas
  • More Menu locations
  • Child Themes
  • Improving Squeeze-One Template

Feature requests are welcomed and can be submitted trough Comments.