The WordPress customizer is a tool which allows you to edit all the style options from a theme and visualize the changes live, as you make them. To open it go to Appearance > Customize.

More Advanced topics are coming soon.

Chose Layout

Appearance > Customize > General options

Chose between No Sidebar, Left Sidebar, Double Sidebar and Right Sidebar. Changes should be visible automatically in Customizer.

Chose Width

Appearance > Customize > General options

Set your default site width here. Chose between 980px and 1170px.

Show / Hide Menus

Appearance > Customize > General options

If you’re building “Landing page” type of site this option might come in handy. Hide menus completely with this option.

Upload Logo

Appearance > Customize > Site Identity

Upload your own Logo / Icon and set Site Title and Tagline here.

Set header height

Appearance > Customize > Design options > Header Options

Fine tune header height that suits you with this option. Changes should be visible automatically in Customizer.

Show / Hide Author info

Appearance > Customize > Design options > Page/Post Options

Easily hide Authors Bio box with this option.

Show Footer Widget Area

Appearance > Customize > Design options > Footer

Show or hide four built-in Widget areas in the Footer.